Your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable and want to let loose

Best Restaurants for Hosting a Birthday Party in Hilton Head

Birthday parties can be a lot of fun no matter what the age of the person being celebrated. Whether you are celebrating a 20th birthday party or an 80th birthday party, being out with family and friends can make for a memorable night.

One of the biggest stresses about having a birthday party or planning a birthday party is choosing the right restaurant or location. While you can have the party at your house or a bar, there are some tangible benefits in choosing a quality restaurant like those on the SERG Group’s roster. Why settle on some chain restaurant down the road (where it might not go over so well) instead of one of our special restaurants? When planning a birthday party, a premium should be placed on choosing a restaurant that is accessible to your guests, has an exciting atmosphere, and provides all the food and drinks to give everyone a great time.

Here Are The Best Restaurant To Have A Birthday Party At:

Charbar– A casual, comfortable pub atmosphere.

Dockside– Looking for a spectacular sunset over the water?

Boathouse– Come by land or sea for some stunning seaside views.

Wise Guys– Maybe a sophisticated urban vibe suits you.

Frankie Bones– Want a little glitzy but refined 1960’s Vegas style?

One Hot Mama’s– How about making yourself at home with a touch of Southern graciousness?

So if you want quality food, attentive service, and a distinct unique atmosphere, then look no further than Charbar, Dockside, Boathouse, Wise Guys, Frankie Bones, or One Hot Mama’s for the best restaurants to host a birthday party on Hilton Head Island.

On top of all the preparations you need to do for a birthday, why would you want to add hours of cooking, serving, and cleaning up to your to-do-list? Here are a few reasons why it can be easier to host your birthday party at a restaurant.

Read below to see how we curated the list of restaurants for birthday parties here on Hilton Head.

Food can make or break an event like a birthday party

Different Food Choices

Food can make or break an event like a birthday party. By dining out you won’t have to worry about pleasing your guests’ individual preferences (more on that a little later). Look for a restaurant with a robust menu, so everyone can get what they want.

If you, your family members, or friends have any allergies or dietary restrictions, always confirm with the restaurant first to see they can accommodate them.

You can invite all your friends, family, and even colleagues

Accommodate Everyone

This is one of the most significant reasons for hosting a birthday party in a restaurant. You can invite all your friends, family, and even colleagues when you select a restaurant that can accommodate everyone. Whether you need a big space, a private dining room, or just a table for twelve, the SERG Group has a restaurant for you. We are equipped to handle many people at once and are also used to serving large parties, making us ideal for hosting your birthday party.

You Can Relax

When you host a birthday party in your home, you most likely spend the whole party running around trying to please your guests. The friendly and attentive staff at a SERG Group restaurant will take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy the party with your loved one and the rest of the guests.

This is the best part of hosting your birthday party in a SERG Group restaurant

No Clean Up

This is the best part of hosting your birthday party in a SERG Group restaurant. Yes, we will beautifully take care of everything, from cooking and presenting to serving and cleaning. By going out, you will be gifting yourself more time to enjoy the company of your guests. And remember, the clean up gift is two-fold: you won’t have to clean up your house before guests arrive, and you won’t have to clean up the mess after the party!

So, are you ready to host the best birthday party on Hilton Head? Here are some things to consider when choosing which SERG Group restaurant will host your next birthday party.

Choose a Restaurant that Fits Everyone’s Needs

It can be very difficult to choose a restaurant for a birthday party that meets the needs of all your guests. Every guest that you have at your birthday party is going to be different in some way. Some may like more casual settings and meals while others may be more interested in a formalized dinner experience. In the end, you want to try and find a restaurant that packs delicious gourmet food into a setting that is accessible to just about everybody that is going to attend. This will allow all guests to feel completely comfortable from the start of the evening to the end.

With large and vibrant menu selections and causal but upscale ambiance you will find that Charbar, Boathouse, Dockside, Frankie Bones, Wiseguys, or One Hot Mama’s will strike the right chord and will provide a winning experience for everyone of your guests. Check out their menus and photos online to see which one will suit your needs best.

Atmosphere is everything at a restaurant and it’s especially important at a party

Choose an Amazing Atmosphere

The success of any restaurant can be measured by the enjoyment that guests experience. An unsuccessful restaurant is likely to have guests that have reason to complain, don’t leave with smiles on their faces, and are generally displeased with their experience. That’s the last thing you want at a birthday party!

Atmosphere is everything at a restaurant and it’s especially important at a party. It can set a positive mood, enhance the sociability of both guests and staff, and contribute to having a wonderful birthday party.

From the second you enter the door, the atmosphere of a restaurant can put you in either a positive mood or a negative one. Going to a SERG restaurant that is full of energy, smiles, and laughter is going to have a positive impact and will start your birthday party off right.

Your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable and want to let loose

Create a Memorable Experience

Having your birthday party at Frankie Bones, Charbar, Boathouse, Dockside, WiseGuys, or One Hot Mama’s will automatically set yourself and your guests up for a memorable experience and the best restaurant birthday party on Hilton Head. The social atmosphere in any one of the restaurants mentioned will make everyone ready to have a good time. Your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable and want to let loose.

The positive atmosphere does not just extend to the social aspects of the restaurant, it also amplifies the meal. When you’re happy and your guests are happy you’re likely going to enjoy that meal much more. You’ll feel relaxed, have a great drink and meal in front of you, and leave the restaurant feeling fulfilled and thrilled that you picked a SERG restaurant to host your birthday party. Let it be a party for everyone to remember!

Consider the Qualities of Top-Notch Service

We all know that the experiences you have at different restaurants can vary greatly. So what is it about quality restaurants that allows them to stand above the rest? It all comes down to the service staff. The service staff at a SERG restaurant takes a great deal of pride in making sure every guest feels special, welcome, and has a superior experience.

Makes Sure You Eat Well

The first indicator of a top-notch service staff is one where they set out to make sure you eat well. A service staff is focused on you and your party as guests in the restaurant and should ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the meal in front of you. They should also be able to give you advice on what you should order for the meal. If you aren’t ordering for everyone, they should be confident to take guests’ requests and figure out what meal is going to mesh well with the craving. After the meal arrives they should be checking on you to see if everything is fine.

Provides a Quality Experience from Start to Finish

The service staff at Wise Guys, Frankie Bones, Boathouse, Dockside, One Hot Mama’s, and Charbar wants to make sure you have a quality experience from start to finish and that’s why they are the best restaurants to host a birthday party on Hilton Head Island. When you choose one of these restaurants, they will give you an incredible experience from when you first call to plan your party to when you walk in the door and up until departure time when the party’s over. Providing good customer service and also a clean environment is going to make you and your guests feel completely pleased with your party. 

A SERG Group restaurant is always unique

Offer Your Guests Something Unique

A SERG Group restaurant is always unique. The more unique a restaurant is, the more memorable it’s going to be to the guests that visit it. When you visit a restaurant and you are in an atmosphere that is different from other establishments, it can be infectious. A unique atmosphere, that’s warm and welcoming like a SERG restaurant, is one where you are going to want to go back to. Rest assured we have a unique restaurant for your enjoyment

a restaurant great it goes without saying

Tremendous Food and Drink is a Necessity

With all the things that make a restaurant great it goes without saying that a great restaurant must have splendid food and drink offerings. Restaurants are a dime and dozen in terms of hosting parties. When you choose one of the great restaurants we mentioned (with atmosphere second to none) you will have a truly memorable birthday party. Before you book one of these restaurants for your party you should visit their menu options online or maybe stop by and have a small plate and a drink so as to get a better feel for each place. Of course this is not a must, but we have found some patrons want to take that extra step.

Remember for the best hosted restaurant birthday parties on Hilton Head you need to book at: Frankie Bones, Boathouse, Charbar, One Hot Mama’s, Dockside, or Wise Guys.

The food is the backbone of any event

How About Having Something Catered?

Have you decided to have your birthday party at home but are worried about the planning and preparation involved in making sure the party is the best it can be? If that’s your concern, you can relax because we can help. Signature Catering, part of the SERG Group, brings experience to the party: high quality service and, of course, a lot of great delicious food. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional catering service:

Quality Food

The food is the backbone of any event, and if the quality of the food is not up to the mark, your party may flounder. Save yourself some criticism and a lot of stress by hiring Signature Catering, thus ensuring high quality food. Our menu options are endless, for whatever you have planned, whether that be brunch, dinner, desserts, or anything else. Not interested in any of the pre-planned menus? Let the chef help you decide on your own spectacular menu with all of the honored guest’s favorite dishes.

Save Time

If you are planning on hosting a birthday party, then you are probably busy handling a lot of other things such as invitations, gifts, decorations, etc. As a result, the variety and quality of the food you will serve at the party may be last on your list. Hiring a professional catering service will save you a lot of time that you would have to spend preparing and presenting the food. All you need to do when you hire Signature Catering is spend a little time on the menu and then we will take care of everything else in a polite and professional manner.


No matter how expert and experienced you are at organizing parties, you cannot match the proficiency and capability of a quality catering company. Hiring a catering service that is an event management expert can be extremely helpful in ensuring that your guests are well fed and enjoying themselves. At Signature Catering we do events everyday and so we can bring creativity and originality to your party. Treat your guests with the utmost care and serve them the best in food and drink.


Even the perfect menu is not enough. Aesthetics and presentation are just as imperative as music and decorations for your party. People eat with their eyes as well. If the food looks pleasing, the anticipation of how it tastes will build up among your guests. At Signature Catering, we are aware of the great importance of the presentation of food along with the amazing flavor.


If you decide to cook the food yourself, be aware that it is going to be difficult to build some variety in the menu. You may be an expert in cooking one type of food, however you might lack the ability to cook as much variety as a professional caterer. Hiring Signature Catering comes with a lot of benefits in terms of the variety of food offered at your birthday party. Not only will your food be high in quality, but it will also appeal to many different preferences and also can incorporate dietary restrictions.

Here at SERG we have the best restaurants for hosting a birthday party on Hilton Head. If you prefer to stay at home, we can provide a singular birthday party catering experience. We are dedicated to providing the best of two worlds. When you think birthday party, think SERG.

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