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Start Saving While Working For The SERG Restaurant Group


The restaurant will contribute .25 for every hour worked. Contributions increase .25 per year, with a max $1.00 per hour towards the employee’s college/higher education.


Year 1: .25¢ per hour worked (employee works 1,000 hours, $250 earned)
Year 2: .50¢ per hour worked (employee works 1,000 hours, $500 earned)
Year 3: .75¢ per hour worked (employee works 1,000 hours, $750 earned)
Year 4: $1.00 per hour worked (employee works 1,000 hours, $1,000 earned)

Employees who return to work during school breaks/summer will still be eligible for this program.

  • Must fill out agreement form with Human Resources
  • Available to employees of SERG Group restaurants
  • Effective 5/1/2019 – does not apply to hours worked before this date
  • Applies to Full-Time Students in high school or college
  • All our restaurants are compliant with S.C. Child Labor Laws
  • If employees moves to another SERG location, the employee’s compensation contribution will be reset back to .25 (year 1) unless otherwise authorized by HR / Director of Operations
  • Checks will be issued to the Bursars Office of the institution of enrollment
  • To receive this contribution, you must be employed at a SERG establishment at the time you are enrolled / start your college
  • Savings plan checks are issued prior to Freshman year and prior to each subsequent year or semester
  • Information must be provided to HR on where the check needs to be submitted
  • Terminated employees will forfeit their accrued contribution

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