Safe Dining On Hilton Head

Safe Dining On Hilton Head

Are you looking for the safest take out on Hilton Head? Of course we’re partial to the list below, but we feel we have taken extra steps to protect our customers. We will help you practice social distancing, and enjoy some of your restaurant favorites. SERG Restaurant Group offers safe alternative dining options to help you with our “new normal”!

Staying safe and healthy is our NUMBER ONE priority right now, but being quarantined to a house 24/7 can drive anyone up the wall! The struggle right now is how to keep your sanity and a little bit of normalcy while enjoying activities that we have always loved.

Here are some tips on how to order take out safely and how SERG is here to meet your needs.

Even before this pandemic swept through the Lowcountry, SERG began preparations for a change. Early on we started talking to our distributors, updating websites, adjusting menus, partnering with the community members, and were one of the first restaurants’ groups on Hilton Head to recognize the need and make accommodations for our guests.

We’ve increased our options at several of our restaurants to include Curbside | Take-Out | Delivery.

SERG has always set high guidelines for cleanliness at all of our establishments. In recent times, we have elevated our standards to protect the well-being of our employees and guests.

We recognize our responsibility to guests and employees who rely on us for an exemplary dining experience. We have committed all of our efforts to ease concerns and provide safe dining experiences.

SERG has created alternative dining options for select restaurants, which include Curbside | Take-Out | Delivery methods to help you have safer dining solutions. Restaurants will be offering specials on take-out and delivery orders as well as offering curbside pick-up.

We also will offer family-style meals to accommodate for the “larger” ready-made meals.

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We expanded frozen and prepared foods to add all of your favorites from select SERG restaurants in our SERG Take Out Kitchen freezers. We are working around the clock to make sure we are stocked with goodies that you’ll love.



There is no evidence that coronavirus is transmitted from food or food packaging, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Nor is there any indication that people have contracted coronavirus, from consuming food, said food-safety expert Benjamin Chapman, a professor at North Carolina State University.

The FDA also said there’s no risk in the virus traveling on food surfaces from overseas. “COVID-19 is not transmitted through food or ingredients. Even if surfaces or packaging have been contaminated, the virus will only survive on such surfaces for a short period, therefore there is no risk of contamination,” it said.


“Wash your own hands after removing the packaging and before eating your food,” said Craig Hedberg, a University of Minnesota professor and expert on food-borne illnesses.

Delivery people should wear gloves but, assuming people touch their faces multiple times an hour, “if the delivery person was infected, the gloves are not likely to prevent contamination,” Hedberg added. Delivery people should also pay attention to what they’re touching while wearing gloves.

How can you order safely:

  • Call ahead for your order – Check out SERG Restaurant Group alternative dining options and deals at 
  • Practice social distancing – ask the restaurant to leave your package at the door, or on place no-contact delivery.

If those options aren’t available at your favorite takeout place, you can always request (in the delivery instructions or over the phone) to have the food left on your doorstep, in the lobby, or somewhere else to practice social distancing.

Wash Your Hands!  You’ll need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you sit down to eat your meal. At some point, you should also wipe down your sink with a disinfecting wipe.

We are all in this together, and we would like to look beyond the global impact of these weeks and focus our attention on our amazing customers. With safety at the forefront, we still want people to live, love and enjoy great food. Hopefully we’ve highlighted something to peak your interest or maybe explore a SERG restaurant you haven’t been to before.

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