SERG Star Readers Challenge FAQ’s

What is the SERG Star Readers Challenge?

    1. The challenge was developed in an effort to promote reading among students in grades K-12 in order to enhance their learning experience during the fall semester. The program is open to all students grades K-12, whether they attend public school, private school or are homeschooled.
    2. To begin the program, students will fill out a reading log, to be approved by a parent or guardian, the reading logs will then be turned in for various rewards. Each reading level requires the student and parent/guardian to log 5 hours of reading time.
    3. Each reading level that is achieved offers a dining reward for up to $15 off the student readers entree and an additional prize.
    4. The logs are to be completed sequentially.

How does a student take part in the Star Reader Challenge?

    1. Students can pick up the Star Level 1 reading log from their school or from any of our restaurants or download and print the form from our website. When they have logged 5 hours of reading time, they will be eligible to turn in the Star 1 Reading Log at any restaurant or at Outside Hilton Head. When turned in, the restaurant/Outside Hilton Head will issue a “stamp book”. If the student turns in the Log at Outside Hilton Head, they will receive their Outside HH neck gaiter and Outside HH will stamp their square on the “Star Rewards” section of the “stamp book”. The student will then be able to take that stamp book to any restaurant and also redeem their reward of up to $15 off of their entree. Once redeemed, the restaurant will stamp dining square the Star 1 level of the stamp book. The location that issues the stamp book and first rewards stamp will keep the Level 1 reading log and issue a Level 2 reading log. 
    2. The student will keep the stamp book to track rewards as they are issued.
    3. At each Star Level, the restaurant where the dining reward is redeemed will stamp the appropriate square and provide the next reading log.
    4. At each Star Level, there is a different “non-dining” related reward. The location of each reward will stamp those squares and will be responsible for issuing the appropriate reward (i.e. Coastal Provisions, SERG Take Out or Outside HH)
      1. Level 2: Star Readers Challenge T-shirt from Coastal Provisions
      2. Level 3: 1 Hour Paddleboard/Kayak rental from Outside HH
      3. Level 4: Coastal Provisions $25 gift card from CP
      4. Level 5: $50 SERG Reader gift card and entry into 529 Scholarship drawing

What is required to redeem a reward at the restaurant?

  1. To redeem a reward the student must present a completed reading log OR a 

stamp book that has been stamped from one of the prize redemption locations 

(Coastal Provisions or Outside HH). Once the dining reward of up to $15 off the

students’ entree has been applied, the restaurant must stamp the dining reward  square.. One reward per student can be redeemed per check. If there are multiple students on the same check more than one discount per check can be applied but only one per student.

What if a student wants to turn in their reading log but does not wish to purchase anything or use their $15 reward?

Students are not required to purchase anything in order to get the next reading
log as no purchase is necessary to participate. However, the $15 dining reward
must be used at the time the log is turned in, it may not be saved for use at a
later date.

When can the $15 reward be used?

The reward can be used on dine in and take out but is not eligible for
delivery and online orders. This reward cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions with the exception of the Community Strong VIP discount.

What happens when a student completes the Star Level 5 log?

The Star Level 5 reading log must be turned in at SERG Take Out kitchen (no
later than November 20th). The student will receive a $50 SERG Star Reader gift card and an entry into a drawing for one of 3 $1000 Future Scholar 529

What if my student is not old enough to read?

We encourage parents of younger students to read with or to their student. This
time can be documented on the reading log and turned in for dining credit and

What if someone uses the #sergstarreaders?

If they are one of the first 250 people to do so, they can claim their SERG Star
Readers challenge cinch bag at Coastal Provisions. They will need to show the post that included the #sergstarreaders