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All Young Readers 0-18* Are Invited To Participate In The


From August 15th through October 31st readers can earn rewards for each of the 5 Star Reading Levels completed. Each level requires five hours of reading. Those who complete all 5 Stars Reading Levels will be entered into a raffle to win one of three


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*Ages 0-5 years old are able to participate by having their parent(s) / guardian(s) read to them and fill out the logs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SERG Star Readers Challenge?

  1. The challenge was developed in an effort to promote reading among students in grades K-12 in order to enhance their learning experience during the fall semester. The program is open to all children ages 0-18, whether they attend public school, private school or are homeschooled.
  2. For ages 0-5, the children can earn rewards by having parents or guardians read to them and log the amount of time read.
  3. To begin the program, students will fill out a reading log, to be approved by a parent or guardian, the reading logs will then be turned in for various rewards. Each reading level requires the student and parent/guardian to log 5 hours of reading time.
  4. Each reading level that is achieved offers a different prize.
  5. The logs are to be completed sequentially.

How does a student take part in the Star Reader Challenge?

  1. Students can pick up the Star Level 1 reading log from their school or from any of SERG’s restaurants or download and print the form from our website. When they have logged 5 hours of reading time, they will be eligible to turn in the Star 1 Reading Log at either Coastal Provisions Company location (Shelter cove or Coligny). When turned in, the representative at Coastal Provisions will give the child their star readers t-shirt and a “stamp book” with the star 1 stamped. They will also be given the next star reading log- Star Reading Log 2.
  2. Each Log then goes on to be redeemed at different locations highlighted below until Log 5.
  3. The student will keep the stamp book to track rewards as they are issued.
  4. At each Star Level, the location where the child is directed will receive their prize and a stamp. Additionally, they will receive their next log.
  5. Here are the prizes associated with each level
  • Complete Log 1: Receive a Star Readers Challenge T-shirt from Coastal Provisions
  • Complete Log 2: $20 Dining Voucher good for use at any SERG Restaurant
  • Complete Log 3: Free Go-Kart ride from Adventure Hilton Head
  • Complete Log 4: Hour Paddleboard/Kayak rental from Outside HH and an Outside Hilton Head Neck Gaiter
  • Complete Log 5: $50 SERG Reader gift card and entry into 529 Scholarship drawing for $1000

What is required to redeem a reward at the restaurant?

To redeem a reward the student must present a completed reading log OR a stamp book that has been stamped from one of the prize redemption locations.

What happens when a student completes the Star Level 5 log?

The Star Level 5 reading log must be turned in at either Nectar Farm Kitchen Location in Hilton Head or Bluffton (no later than October 31st). The student will receive a $50 SERG Star Reader gift card and an entry into a drawing for one of 3 $1000 Future Scholar 529 Scholarships.

What if my student is not old enough to read?

We encourage parents of younger students to read with or to their student. This time can be documented on the reading log and turned in for dining credit and rewards.

What if someone uses the #sergstarreader?

If a student or parent takes a photo with their child and their completed reading log(s) and posts to either Facebook or Instagram using the #sergstarreader, they will be entered into a weekly drawing for a free round of mini- golf at Pirate Island Adventure Golf. The drawing is weekly and for eight weeks and submissions will be added each week based on when they posted the picture. The mini-golf vouchers can be picked up from SERG’s home office at 9A Hunter Road, HHI, SC 29926.

Where can I / parents find books?

  1. Any public library
  2. School
  3. Sign up for the Dolly Parton project and they will send you books based on your age and reading level on a monthly basis. For more information visit: