Gluten Free Options On Hilton Head Island

At the SERG Restaurant Group we take great pride in creating a safe haven for people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, or follow a gluten-free diet. Here are five steps we’ve taken so that you can dine safely, comfortably, and worry-free at any Serg Restaurant.

  1. Dedicated Gluten-Free Space

Gluten-free options are prepared in their own space so as not to have contamination.

  1. Knowledge

Everyone, from the hostess to the wait staff, is educated on what gluten is, what type of effects it can have on someone with celiac disease, and what steps we take to make the gluten-free diner safe from cross contamination.

Our staff knows that many items on our regular menus can be prepared gluten-free in spite of not appearing on a gluten free menu. We want customers to have confidence in our food and service.

  1. We Have a Plan

Our staff is trained in how to serve a gluten-free patron from the moment they walk in the door.

Our managers are involved as soon as it is known that a customer is gluten-free. We assure the customer that we will keep an eye on their meal and make sure it is prepared correctly. Staff will ensure that their meal will be safe from cross contamination.

Most importantly, we strive to make our customers feel welcome, and comfortable without drawing any attention to them. Many restaurants have more than one person serving a table and it’s easy for miscommunication to happen. We do our best to have one person oversee our gluten-free guest’s entire experience so as to help ensure no mistakes happen.

  1. Follow-up

Before the customer pays for their meal, a manager or waitperson will go to the gluten-free customer and see if everything was served to their satisfaction.

We let our gluten-free patrons know that we value and welcome their feedback and they are welcome to call us with any issues afterwards. The feedback is critical to us as we want to provide the best experience for those following a strict gluten-free diet.

  1. Our Gluten-Free Offerings 

Within the Serg Restaurant Group we have a myriad of gluten free options:

  • Skull Creek Dockside – extensive gluten-free lunch and dinner menu
  • Poseidon – extensive gluten-free lunch and dinner menu
  • Skull Creek Boathouse – special gluten-free menu
  • Black Marlin Bayside Grill – special gluten-free menu
  • Nectar Farm Kitchen – Our farm-to-table restaurant has many gluten-free menu options and can prepare most dishes without gluten.
  • Charbar – no separate gluten-free menu but many items can be prepared gluten-free. Try a burger with a gluten free bun or one of our many Sushi options.
  • One Hot Mama’s – All the hickory smoked BBQ is gluten-free as are some tasty vegetable sides.
  • Frankie Bones – gluten-free cauliflower pizzettas, steak, vegetables, seafood, salads
  • Wise Guys – steaks, skillet potatoes, salads with grits croutons
  • Holy Tequila – ceviche, corn tortillas, rice, and many things can be customized
  • Giuseppi’s Pizza and Pasta – variety of cauliflower crust pizzas and salads
  • Marley’s Shrimp and Burger Shack – quinoa salad, seafood

If you need to eat gluten-free on Hilton Head there is no better choice than a Serg Restaurant. We guarantee the most variety, understanding, and concentrated preparation. Want to feel safe, relaxed and enjoy the best in gluten-free dining on Hilton Head? Then visit a Serg Group Restaurant.

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